Tokyo Is Getting a Makeup-Free Cafe

Waitresses at the new “all natural” cafe will wear no makeup

Japan's only "no-makeup" theme cafe has proved so successful it's opening a second branch in Tokyo next month.

There is a theme restaurant for pretty much everything in Japan, even one for die-hard fans of the movie Ted. Now a new place is opening in Tokyo that is dedicated to “natural beauty” and the no-makeup look.

According to Rocket News 24, the Naturalia cafe opened its first location in 2015 in Hokkaido, Japan, and the no-makeup concept has proved so popular that now it plans to open a second location in Tokyo next month. Staff at Naturalia wears no makeup on duty--though a couple have said they do use eyebrow pencils because they feel like they have no eyebrows at all without a bit of enhancement.

Naturalia came about because the owners said they saw a lot of wait staff at cafes and bars who wore a lot of makeup and had elaborate hairstyles, and they thought that if that was popular, there must be an audience for a place where the staff looked like “ordinary girls,” or at least women who preferred a more “natural” looking makeup style and no flashy nail art.


It seems like they were right, because Naturalia says it intends to open its second location in Tokyo on April 3.