National Taco Day

Celebrate National Taco Day Today
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Chef Aarón Sanchez has shared with us his tacos de chivo along with two sauces: chile colorado sauce and roasted tomatillo sauce.

Today is national taco day and what better way to celebrate than by eating a delicious handheld treat. Originally from Mexico, the traditional street food has become one of America’s favorites. 

Click here to see the Tacos de Chivo Taco Recipe

Punchbowl reported a brief history of the origin of this cultural dish. Dating all the way back to 1520, Hernando Cortez wrote to King Charles V of Spain, describing the “delicious meal the Aztec inhabitants prepared with tortilla.” And the world has been hooked since.

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You can customize a taco according to the type of shell, hard, puffy, crispy, soft, and with toppings you like. Some include, minced onions, avocados, cheese, cilantro, and more. In addition, you can have different salsas to go with them such as a guacamole or salsa for a milder or spicier taste.

Aarón Sanchez, a Food Network Star and Chopped guest judge, has shared with us his recipe for Tacos de Chivo that comes with a Chile Colorado Sauce and Roasted Tomatillo Sauce.