National Espresso Day Black Friday Sweepstakes

Want a chance to win a $300 espresso maker from KRUPS? Now's your chance!
Nathan Cyphert

Enter for your chance to win a KRUPS espresso maker for National Espresso Day!

By a stroke of miraculous coincidence, Black Friday falls on one coffee-loving holiday: National Espresso Day. And while many of you may be standing in line today for buy that espresso maker you've had your eye on all year, The Daily Meal has one KRUPS espresso maker to give away! 

The KRUPS espresso and coffee machine is a two-for-one: an espresso maker and a coffee maker. The Switzerland-designed, stainless steel machine can make up to 10 cups of coffee, plus has all the capabilities to make that latte (and latte art) you've been dreaming of at home. 

Click here to see the rules of the National Espresso Day Sweepstakes and find out how to enter for your chance to win. We predict lots and lots of coffee in your future, so learn how to make espresso, with tips from the experts. 

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