NASA 'Space Drink' May Erase Wrinkles

The drink developed to protect astronauts from radiation has skin benefits

The As10 fruit drink promises skin benefits, according to certain studies.

With fewer and fewer space missions, we guess NASA needed to do something to pass the time — but we didn't expect the wrinkle-erasing "space drink" to be it. Skin enthusiasts everywhere are excited about the possibilities of a NASA-developed drink that could provide aging and UV protection.

RedOrbit reports that the fruit drink, called AS10, is a fruit juice made with cupuacu, acai, acerola, prickly pear, yumberry, and other fruits. The drink was developed to protect space-bound astronauts from radiation damage. Now, NASA has realized the benefits of the drink and tested the drink on more than 150 participants (who've never been to space). When the participants had two shots per day of the concoction, they saw UV spots decrease by 30 percent and wrinkles decrease by 17 percent.

The head researcher, Aaron Barson, said in a press release that AS10 and its phytochemicals from the fruit combat the effects of oxidative stress, one of the main causes behind UV damage and wrinkles. But don't hold your breath just yet — many say AS10 should be clinically studied, and that UV sunscreen could have the same effect. Plus, it's costly: a 5-ounce bottle of AS10 costs about $50, says The Week. Some online outlets do carry it, like eBay or Natural Gumption.