Napa Valley's Best Wineries For A View

When you're planning a trip out to Napa Valley, there are more than a handful of wineries to choose from — in fact, there are about 400 wineries with tasting rooms to choose from. There's plenty to consider when planning your winery visits: how many wines to taste, the tours, the food. But while we plan out which wineries to visit in Napa Valley, there's one factor that's often forgotten but shouldn't be ignored: the view. 

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After all, what's a day in wine country without gorgeous, panoramic views of vineyards, rolling hills, and blue skies? What makes Napa Valley (and its wines) so special is that often the wineries and vineyards are located at an elevation, giving you the most drool-worthy scenes of wine country you can find in the country. 

We've handpicked some of our favorite Napa Valley wineries that aren't just recognized for their wines (though that certainly helps). As with Sterling Vineyard's aerial tram to get to the vineyard, or Chappellet Winery's views of Hennessy Lake, these wineries offer the ambiance that every wine-tasting experience should have. Click ahead to find our picks for Napa's best views to take in with a glass of wine in hand — and start daydreaming of that next wine getaway, stat.