The Name Tells You Everything You Need to Know


The simple name implies it all. No nonsense, just come in and drink.

Drink describes itself as a bar that “throws a cocktail party every night,” and it’s true. Each night feels like the holiday party at Mad Men's Sterling Cooper Draper Price. They bring an Old-World charm to the atmosphere and add an updated spin on the vintage cocktails, as well. 

When you’re seated at the bar, you’ll notice more tools than a mechanic’s garage. The mixologists at Drink like to emphasize the craft and work they put into each cocktail. Here, you know you’re going to get a great sip every time. The real beauty is how the bartenders are not only able to recreate classics with precision, but also create new and exciting cocktails based on the client's whim and preferences.

While the bartenders and their creations are surely the stars of the place, the downside is that it can get crowded on weekends. That said, the inventive cocktails and creative twists on traditional bar food are certainly worth the wait.