Nadia G Goes From Bitchin' To Creating Sick Kitchens

Bitchin' Kitchin' star Nadia G. hasn't left the Cooking Channel, but she has expanded  her advice to Sick Kitchens, her new online show where she transforms kitchens to include a bit of her own funky style.

The Montreal native is not your average celebrity chef. She's known for cooking in high heels, showing off her tattoos and wearing leather outfits in the kitchen. She turned Bitchin' Kitchin' into an empire of clothing, products and a television show on the Cooking Channel Canada  and the U.S. Cooking Channel.

Nadia G. has added a second show to her repertoire, Sick Kitchens. This online program brings Nadia face to face with people looking to re-do their kitchens and she helps them do it – with a little bit of her funky style. We chatted with her about the show and her funky style.

The Daily Meal: Why did you decide to do Sick Kitchens?
Nadia G.: I've always loved decorating and getting my hands dirty with DIY projects. Whether it's up-cycling an old chair into a gilded goat fur masterpiece, or something as simple as turning an old JD bottle into a vase — I'm all about getting creative and ultimately having fun with spaces. I want to show people that character is a good thing, 

How is it different from other renovation shows?
Most renovation shows are, how shall we say... BORING. If I see one more granite countertop and bunion-beige paint job, I may harm somebody. Not everyone digs a suburban aesthetic, and Sick Kitchens proves that bold deign choices can be beautiful. Again — don't be afraid to express yourself; it's a kitchen, not a facial tattoo.

What are a few of the things you've done in kitchen to incorporate your funky style?
One project that I loved doing was my scrapbook table — where you take photos, handwritten notes, cool print outs and glue them onto the table surface like a collage. Then you shellac the whole thing. It's a great way to revamp an old table, and makes for some snazzy, personalized functional art.

I also have a live herb garden on my fridge using Bloomtubes: magnetized test tubes that can hold anything from fresh basil, to dried spices, to flowers. 

You've kept yourself surrounded with fun guys, like Panos, Hans and Spice Agent, on your show. Do you have any advice on love for those who spend time in the kitchen?
I have love advice, but I really haven't thought about it in a while. We've been taping Sick Kitchens and launching a new product line, so my mind's been a bit a bit off the love topic!

I would say, don't be too nice to the guy. A lot of women start off the relationship acting as a cross between a mom and a housewife from the 50s and cook the guy all kinds of good food and cleaning up after him. Then, the guy gets used to that and you don't want to end up in a situation where someone expects you to do all this stuff for you, so from the start make sure that he knows that he has to clean his beard hair off the bathroom sink and wash some dishes.