In-N-Out's Animal Style Gets the 'Gangnam Style' Remix

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Or is it the other way around?
In-N-Out Gangnam Style
YouTube/Act Recordingly

Psy's "Gangnam Style" has definitely been reaching "Call Me Maybe" levels of parody (and Ellen airtime), but it looks like a group of Angelenos beat the Cookie Monster to a food-related parody.

As an homage to In-N-Out's classic, always-craved Animal Style burger, this video (hat tip to LAist) shows a bunch of people wearing In-N-Out hats, dancing Psy's infamous horse move, and singing about everything off the In-N-Out secret menu. There's even references to protein style, which is often overlooked (although, no neapolitan shake. Missing out, guys).

The lyrics involve a dig at Chick-fil-A, but definitely showcases some insider-y menu knowledge. Check out the first few lines: "In-N-Out is my favorite fast-food restaurant/ Their secret menu has everything that I want/ 100 percent beef on a fresh bun, or get the Flying Dutchman." There are some not-so-safe visuals for the conservative workplace, and the dancing could be better, but the song is still super catchy. Watch it all below, if only to get your jam on.


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