In-N-Out Wine Pairings

During my visit to Sonoma this year (when I raced up and down the county on #CabernetDay as a kick-off to our own GTiCabernet, as well as spent the better part of a week visiting wineries and grabbing some great interviews during the Visa Sonoma Wine Weekend), I also made time to add another, regional, chapter to my fast-food and wine series.

Now while some may argue that In-N-Out isn't exactly fast, it is indeed convenient and that's what unites "fast" foods. Since I was in Sonoma, I opted for a completely Sonoma-centric lineup this time around and limited myself to only five wines to pair with In-N-Out's signature hamburgers: a straight burger, a Double-Double, and the pièce de résistance, a Double-Double, Animal Style.

What do you think my results looked like?

Click here for the In-N-Out Wine Pairings Slideshow.

— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth