In-N-Out Opened in Sydney for an Hour

The West Coast cult favorite hosted a pop-up in Australia

Yesterday, Barrio Chino, a Mexican spot in Sydney, graciously lent its restaurant to In-N-Out for a day-long pop-up event.

Now before you Aussies get your hopes up, In-N-Out has no plans of expanding to Australia. The brand was merely spreading the cultural rite-of-passage of eating an animal-style burger; they pulled a similar stint in Shanghai last month and have plans for future pop-ups in other countries.

We agree it was a great idea in theory, but it could've been better executed.  After the Sydney population got the memo of the pop-up, it was over. Swarming ensued and all the burgers — double-doubles, 3x3’s, protein style, and the rest of the "secret menu" — were gone in 60 minutes, causing their temporary doors to shutter and leaving revelers with empty stomachs and disappointment.

Sorry folks; keep your eyes peeled for the next delivery deal.

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