Mystery Man Buys Coffee For 500 And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Gail Simmons Moves Up: The Food & Wine editor is now the head critic of Top Chef Masters, bringing in David Burke and other chefs like Bryan Voltaggio to the show's fifth season. [TV Guide]

Crazy Beer Bongs: College kids are ridiculous, but at least their beer-boozing methods are entertaining. [Business Insider]

Deadliest Cocktails: As hard liquors are upping the ante with 114-proof gin, here are the booziest drinks around New York City. Need one stat. [NY Post]

Man Buys 500 Coffees: A mysterious Canadian stopped in at a Tim Hortons, bought a drink and a donut, and then asked how many cups of coffee they normally sell a day. The answer? 500. He had them ring up 500 cups of coffee, paid for it, and left, as the shop handed out free coffee to customers until Tuesday at 8 a.m. [Grub Street]