My Essentials: Chef Eric Ripert

Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner of internationally acclaimed Le Bernardin, is celebrated as one of the greatest chefs today. Drawing culinary influences from his upbringing, the French chef, author, and television personality — who has served as a guest judge on Top Chef alongside our latest cover star, Padma Lakshmi — specializes in French and seafood cuisine.

Born in Antibes, France, and later moving to Andorra, nestled between the French and Spanish borders, Ripert displayed an early passion for cooking after leaning from his grandmother. Later, he moved back to France at the age of 15 to enroll in culinary school in Perpignan. And the rest is history: Ripert has received countless accolades and continues to "place food at the center of humanity, as it nourishes not only our physical bodies but also our emotional lives."

We recently caught up with the busy chef to discuss all his essentials, from his favorite charities to work with, like City Harvest, to the daily snack he can't live without. Read our exclusive interview below then scroll through the slideshow above to shop some of Eric Ripert's favorite things.

Lifestyle Mirror: Favorite knife?
Eric Ripert: I have a vast selection of knives, mostly from Japan and Europe. My favorite knife is always the one I need at the time!

Lifestyle Mirror: Do you like to listen to music while cooking? If so, what?
Eric Ripert: I do listen to music at home while I cook, but not at work. I listen to everything except hard rock and punk.

Lifestyle Mirror: Favorite restaurant besides your own?
Eric Ripert: There are too many to list and to be fair!

Lifestyle Mirror: Signature drink?
Eric Ripert: Bordeaux, Scotch, and tequila, and not necessarily in that order!

Lifestyle Mirror: Favorite movie?
Eric Ripert: I don't like war movies, however The Wall and Apocalypse Now are two of my favorite movies.

Lifestyle Mirror: Favorite snack?
Eric Ripert: Dark chocolate. Every day.

Lifestyle Mirror: Who inspires you?
Eric Ripert: I am inspired by traveling and by my surroundings, but if I had to pick a person, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is of great inspiration to me.

Lifestyle Mirror: Favorite place in the world?
Eric Ripert: Wherever I am at any given moment (except for LGA!).

Lifestyle Mirror: Next vacation destination?
Eric Ripert: I see an Ibiza comeback happening soon!

Lifestyle Mirror: Charities you work with?
Eric Ripert: City Harvest, The Tibet Fund, and many others.

Lifestyle Mirror: Signature scent?
Eric Ripert: By the end of the day, pan-roasted fish...(laughs).

Lifestyle Mirror: What do you wear on-duty?
Eric Ripert: Chef jacket, jeans, and sneakers.

Lifestyle Mirror: Off-duty shoe brand?
Eric Ripert: Converse and Prada.

— Courtney Porkoláb, Lifestyle Mirror


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