Musicians' Backstage Drink Demands

What wines and spirits your favorite musicians have requested on tour.

Everyone loves to hear about celebs in their more humanistic moments. We crave to hear about where they go on weekends, what they buy at the grocery store and, better yet, what weird things they request while on tour. It is always strangely fascinating to hear what your favorite musician insists on drinking, or what that actress you can't stand refuses to eat.

Over the next few weeks we will be running a series of slideshows based on just that fascination, and will be filling you in on what exactly your favorite musicians had to have with them on tour in order to adequately perform. This week we bring you the early years, with musicians ranging from the debonair Frank Sinatra to the margarita-loving Jimmy Buffett. 

Click here for the Musicians' Backstage Drink Demands Slideshow.

—Kate Statton, Snooth