Mr. Peanut Stars With Alex Rodriguez in Super Bowl Commercial

The Planters ad is going to get nutty

Alex Rodriguez played baseball, not football, but the retired Yankee will star on Super Bowl Sunday anyway. He’ll appear in an ad during the big game on February 3, clowning around with Planters’ nutty mascot, Mr. Peanut.

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“I’ve had a lot of experience coming through for my baseball teammates and my family in crunch time, but even I need help sometimes, too,” Rodriguez said in a press release. “That’s where my guy Mr. Peanut comes in. He’s there for me when I need a crunchy snack and always has my back.”

Uh, OK, A-Rod. He’s a peanut with a monocle and top hat, but sure, whatever.

Planters released a short teaser from the ad showing Mr. Peanut lobbing nuts at the baseball star, who tries to catch them in his mouth. And based on a still photo released to promote the ad, at one point the two unlikely friends drive around in what looks like a school bus.

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The commercial is set to air sometime during the game’s second quarter. If you’re getting ready for the Patriots-Rams clash on February 3, here’s every recipe you need for Super Bowl Sunday.