Movie Fanatics Rejoice: MoviePass Makes Binging on Flicks An Exclusive Affair


There are people out there who look forward to Friday for a reason other than the end of another work week, and that's for the release of new flicks. From newcomers like Ender's Game to standing runners like 12 Years a Slave, there are so many great choices out there and MoviePass wants you to watch them all. Designed for true movie lovers, this membership gives you unlimited access to 2D movies (well, one a day at least) with no blackout dates. Usable at most major theater chains nationwide (like AMC and Regal), MoviePass will cost you around $35 a month for an annual plan ($420 in total). Considering it costs $12.50 to see a movie nowadays, you would need to watch at least three movies a month to break even, so this wouldn't be a good idea for a casual film fan. You can only see a specific movie once, are limited to one movie a day, and it is also only good for the member's ticket — so if you go with someone they would be on their own. All you have to do to use your membership is show up at the theater, check-in for the flick you want to see on their handy app, and give your card like you would a credit card. Considering MoviePass is still pretty new, there's a good chance the box office employee will have no idea what it is, so prepare for wide eyes and confused expressions — which may make you feel pretty elite.