Mott's for Tots Juice Sued Over Immune Support Claim

Plaintiffs say the juice doesn't have any scientific backing for immunity support

Looks like POM isn't the only fruit juice getting some feedback on their purportedly super-healthy drinks; Dr Pepper Snapple Group is getting sued over a Mott's for Tots juice that claims to boost children's immune system.

According to Beverage Daily, the plaintiffs are asking for $5 milion plus interests and costs due to Snapple's allegedly "deceptively labeled product." The product in question, Mott's for Tots Immune Support Fruit Punch, claims it helps support a healthy system with additions of vitamins A, C, and E, but the plaintiffs say the vitamins have no scientifically backed value.

"In fact, the Immune Support Fruit Punch provides vitamins in a form not scientifically shown to support the immune system," the lawsuit says. "Scientific evidence specifically controverts the defendant's promise."


Consumerists reports that Kellogg's also backed away from similar immunity system claims for Rice Krispies back in 2009, after they came under fire for claiming that added vitamins A,C, and E in the cereal boosted a person's immune system. Whether or not Mott's will go the way of Kellogg's, or the more defensive POM juice's path, has yet to be determined, as Dr Pepper Snapple Group has refused to comment and stands by their package claims.