Mothers Are Better Cooks Today Than 30 Years Ago

Today's Moms Cook More Exotic Recipes: According to a recent study, mums today (or at least in the UK) know 25 percent more recipes than their mothers, and they cook more exotic dishes too. Their top 15 dishes include Mexican fajitas, Chinese stir-fry, and pasta with homemade sauce. Modern moms also typically know 21 recipes by heart. [The Telegraph]

Yes, Arsenic Is in Apple Juice: Dr. Oz went on Good Morning America today to discuss the dangers of arsenic in the fruit juice, and an ABC News editor called him out for fear mongering. According to the FDA, "Arsenic is present in the environment as a naturally occurring substance." So yes, there is a little arsenic in your apple juice, but "there is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices." [ABC News]

More Good News About Chocolate: First, studies say chocolate could reduce heart disease, and now they say eating chocolate could be as healthy as exercising. Researchers fed a group of mice a chocolate ingredient, epicatechin, and found that non-exercising mice with epicatechin performed just as well as exercising mice without. Chocolate and exercise, however, would be the healthiest combination. [AOL]

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