The Most Outrageous Canned Dog Food Brands

When it comes time to feed the dog, most of us reach for a bag of mass-market dog chow or crack open a can of mushy brown stuff, not giving much thought to the subtle nuances and flavor profiles of the food, because, honestly, neither does the dog. It's dog food. But for some pet owners, brown mystery mush just won't do. Luckily for those discerning connoisseurs (and their dogs), there are some pretty wild options of canned dog food out there.

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People have been feeding their canine companions human food since long before companies realized that they could grind up scraps that no human would care to eat, put it in a can, and sell it instead of throwing it away. Dogs require specialized nutrition, though, so while they certainly could subsist on nothing but our table scraps (and plenty do), there's basically no way around having to buy dog food if you're going to be a responsible pet owner.

The market for dog food is certainly cluttered, and there's not much that separates one type of wet dog food from another. There's Alpo, Iams, Eukanuba, and the like, all jostling for space by promising that by eating their product your dog will have a shinier coat, healthier teeth, or some other nutritional benefit. But through it all, one thing remains the same: the look and taste of the dog food itself. And for the most part, pet owners (and dogs) are OK with that.

But some aren't fine with that — the pet owners, anyway. Never mind the fact that dogs taste food in an entirely different way from humans, we want to feed them mush that supposedly resembles gourmet human food, because it makes us feel better about ourselves. And where that market exists, brands will step in to meet that need, creating some seriously outrageous varieties of dog food.

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