What Delivery Food America Is Ordering During The Coronavirus Pandemic

People are staying home more as a way to mitigate risks of the coronavirus spreading. Confined to their homes and urged to only leave for essential trips, Americans are using takeout delivery services as an alternative to going to the grocery store or eating out at their favorite restaurants. According to data provided by Uber Eats, these were the most popular delivery dishes by state during the month of March where the service is available (meaning not all states will be listed).

Arizona: French fries

A little secret? America loves french fries, and Arizona is still getting its fry fix during quarantine. And while you may have a lot of questions about food and coronavirus, the Food and Drug Administration doesn't have any reason to believe that the virus can be transmitted through food.

California: Chicken tikka masala

Skip the french fries because chicken tikka masala is all the rage in California. And if you So Cal folks decide to brave the grocery store, don't forget that chicken tikka masala is one of the foods that Trader Joe's customers love the most.

Colorado: Carne asada fries

Dripping with melted cheese and topped with perfectly grilled steak, carne asada fries are the most ordered dish in Colorado.

Connecticut: Burrito bowl

While ordering takeout may not compare to the best burritos in America, it sure is a good start during the coronavirus pandemic. And Connecticut residents agree — burrito bowls are their most ordered dish, according to Uber Eats data.

Florida: French fries

See, we told you Americans love french fries. As the most ordered dish in Florida, these fried potatoes are no joke. And if you want to try your hand at making them yourself, here's a handy guide for frying foods at home.

Georgia: Pad thai

It makes sense that pad thai is high up on the list of popular takeout foods during coronavirus quarantine — it's not exactly an easy recipe you can make at home. And Georgia residents agree that when you get that hankering for pad thai, you simply have to click "add to cart."

Hawaii: BBQ mixed plate

Who knew being quarantined would open us up to the possibility of eating a barbecue feast at home? BBQ mixed plate is the most ordered dish by Hawaiians (who are clearly forward thinkers). But, if you're going to save some of your mixed plate for later, be sure to check out our guide for how long meat and other foods last in your fridge and freezer.

Illinois: French fries

I bet you didn't know that Illinois residents love their french fries — the salty snack is the most ordered takeout food in the state. And if that came as a surprise to you, here are 20 other things you didn't know about french fries.

Indiana: Waffle fries

The state of Indiana is crazy for fries — but it prefers the waffle variety rather than your standard sticks. Surprisingly, the waffle-shaped treat is not the state's most iconic snack food. Hoosiers have reserved that spot for sugar cream pie.

Iowa: Poke bowl

Poke bowls — a mix of rice, fish, edamame and more — are the most ordered takeout dish in Iowa. If you decide to order a poke bowl for dinner tonight, choose salmon as your protein — it's one of the best foods for vitamin D.

Kentucky: Pad thai

While you may not be able to take a trip to Thailand right now, you can still close your eyes and pretend you're there by diving into a delicious plate of pad thai, Kentucky's most ordered dish on Uber Eats.

Louisiana: Chips and queso

If you're like us, you probably miss heading to your favorite Mexican restaurant and ordering a margarita and some chips. But Louisianians aren't waiting. Instead, they're bringing the Tex-Mex to them. Order in, or try making chips and queso and other iconic Texas staples from home.

Maine: Cheese pazzo bread

While many people are using their time in quarantine to make their own bread, Maine is getting it delivered. The most ordered takeout dish in Maine is cheese pazzo bread.

Maryland: Egg, bacon and cheese

Maryland is keeping things classic by ordering some of the most iconic breakfast foods in America. Sticking to the basics like eggs, bacon and cheese, Maryland is making quarantine power moves.

Massachusetts: Burrito

Massachusetts, you're in luck. Burritos are one of the healthiest frozen dinners you can buy if you feel brave enough to hit up the grocery store. But, for now, enjoy ordering those Uber Eats burritos straight to your door.

Michigan: Pad thai

Pad thai may be such a popular Uber Eats menu item in Michigan because it's one of those foods you should never make at home. From the dish's delicious thick noodles to its perfectly grilled veggies, pad thai is worth the takeout splurge.

Minnesota: Garlic naan

Minnesotans clearly love their naan — it's the most ordered takeout dish in the state. But, if you feel like cooking with the family tonight, naan pizza is one of the easiest dinner recipes to make with your kids.

Missouri: Crab rangoon

According to Uber Eats, Missouri loves its crispy crab rangoon. And while ordering Chinese takeout is an exciting dinner venture, if you're thinking about making food at home tonight, make sure you avoid these bad cooking habits.

Montana: Enchiladas

While enchiladas are one of the best comfort foods to make ahead and freeze for a weeknight, Montana prefers ordering these cheese-filled tortillas from the Uber Eats app.

Nevada: Chicken teriyaki bowl

While Nevadans are taking to Uber Eats to get their chicken teriyaki fix, the delicious dish is not as daunting as it seems to make on your own. Hop online and check out these virtual cooking classes offered by your favorite celebrities.

New York: Jerk chicken

New York is home to some of the best restaurants in America, and now that all you Empire State natives are confined to your couches, jerk chicken is your go-to order.

New Jersey: Chicken sandwich

While it may not be the same as picking up one of the best chicken sandwiches in America, New Jersey is committed to getting its sandwich fix from home. Whether it's from Popeyes or Chick-fil-A, chicken sandwiches are New Jersey's No. 1 Uber Eats pick.

North Carolina: Nachos

North Carolina has its priorities in check. Nachos are the state's No. 1 most ordered food on Uber Eats. And if you nacho-loving folks want to get really crazy, you have to try this mouthwatering spin on grilled cheese that has nachos.

Ohio: Notso fries

Notso fries, also known as loaded fries, are no joke, and Ohio residents are still getting the deliciously cheesy food delivered straight to their door. But if you Ohioans want to make dinner at home tonight, try these easy dishes that take one hour or less.

Oklahoma: Spicy tuna roll

While it may not be the same as ordering a spicy tuna roll from the best sushi restaurants in America, sushi on your couch is still a great alternative. In Oklahoma, spicy tuna rolls are all the rage.

Oregon: Fried chicken

Nothing beats heading out to the best fried chicken joints in America and ordering your favorite dishes, but Oregon residents are making do with what they have. Their most ordered food on Uber Eats is fried chicken.

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

Pennsylvania's most ordered takeout dish is quite on brand, with the cheesesteak taking the No. 1 spot. It can't beat a roast pork sandwich from Philly's DiNic's, one of the best sandwich spots in America, but for Pennsylvania natives, it's pretty close.

Rhode Island: Hot dog

Rhode Islanders love their hot dogs — they're the state's most ordered food on Uber Eats. But if you decide to cook this staple at home, make sure to read up on the healthiest and unhealthiest store-bought hot dogs.

South Carolina: French fries

If you haven't been to your favorite grocery store in a while due to the coronavirus pandemic, Uber Eats and other food delivery services may be your current lifeline. And french fries are South Carolina's go-to when it comes to ordering takeout.

Tennessee: Pad thai

While takeout may not compare to ordering a dish of pad thai from your favorite special occasion restaurant, Tennessee isn't shying away from the dish completely. The Volunteer State's most ordered takeout dish is pad thai.

Texas: Pad thai

Uber Eats is just one chain or service offering free delivery right now. The service waived the delivery fee on more than 100,000 independent restaurants in America, so now Texans can get as much pad thai as they want.

Utah: Carne asada fries

While Utah has been ordering crazy amounts of carne asada fries, it's also a dish you can make at home. Use our how-to guide for making a cheap steak perfectly delicious and, when you're done, slice it up and serve it over a platter with cheesy fries.

Virginia: French fries

Like many other states, Virginia's most popular order on Uber Eats is french fries. Clearly coronavirus isn't stopping Americans from getting their favorite fast food menu items at home.

Washington: French fries

Washington's favorite delivery food? You guessed it, french fries — which are clearly one of the most famous fast food menu items of all time.

Wisconsin: Crab rangoon

Crab rangoon is the food Wisconsin residents are flocking to during coronavirus. And if your eyes are bigger than your stomach when ordering takeout, make sure to read our how-to guide on making your food, and those leftovers, last longer.

Most ordered soups across America

Now is the best time to serve up some comfort food, and what's more comforting than soup? In addition to french fries and fried chicken, Americans also want their miso soup — it's the country's No. 1 soup pick from Uber Eats. But soups and casseroles are also great dishes to make at home. Try our freezer meal recipes for a quick and easy dinner.

Most ordered desserts across America

Dessert is the most important part of any meal. So what is the sweet treat most requested by Americans for Uber Eats delivery? Tiramisu, which is one of the most difficult but impressive desserts you can make at home. 

Most ordered drinks across America

While we're quarantined at home and unable to order some of our favorite cocktails, Americans are making do with their favorite soft drinks. Soda is the most ordered drink via Uber Eats.

Most ordered foods across America

We've already covered the most popular dish ordered by state, so it should come as no surprise that french fries take the cake as America's overall favorite takeout food. And while Americans have Uber Eats to thank for their french fry fix during quarantine, there are plenty of other food brands giving back amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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