The Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever Ordered

A couple of days ago, Chifari ordered the most expensive Starbucks drink to date, costing $54.75 and containing 60 shots of espresso. According to Business Insider's estimate, that adds up to 4500 mg of caffeine, more than 4000 mg over the recommended daily amount. The monster concoction, a Sexagintuple vanilla bean mocha frappuccino, was 128 ounces and took him (understandably) more than a day to drink. Although the baristas were more than willing to help Chifari in his claim to fame, Starbucks PR Representative Linda Mills was not as supportive, saying that "this type of beverage order is totally excessive" and that they had "a little too much fun with it."

But these days, it seems, bigger is better. It leaves us wondering what the person to break Chifari's record will dream up.

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