The Most Display-Worthy Halloween Costumes To Enjoy Long After October 31

Alright—it's almost time for Halloween which means chocolate hangovers, plastic spiders and kiddie renditions of the Monster Mash—or does it? We're all for joining the kids for a little trick or treating, but when it comes to parties for the over-25 set, we're hoping for something a little better than a naughty nurse outfit or another cheerleader getup. This is the night you can truly be anything you want to be—so why not put a little oomph into it? We understand not wanting to go toes-to-the-wall for a costume you'll only wear one night a year, which is why we chose the most luxurious, display-worthy pieces for your ghoulish evening. Dress up as Elvis Presley, Darth Vader or a 17th century queen—then once the party is over put these theatrical costumes out for others to admire—whether it's a storm trooper in the corner of your man cave or Aurora's gown by the window of your walk-in closet.