Most Dangerous Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

Anyone who walks around town with a wine bottle opener on hand at all times pretty much wins at life, but of course there are always going to be moments when you have a bottle of vino, but no way to open it.

On the bright side, there are oftentimes multiple sharp objects you can use to get to that wine, and when desperation sinks in, you might just try that route. So for your reference, here the most dangerous ways to open a bottle of wine.

Have a golf club? A chainsaw (or, victory saw)? A samurai sword? All of these can somewhat be used to open a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, plenty of wine could be lost, especially if you do it wrong, and since these are really dangerous tools, we don't recommend doing it at home. Just leave it to the pro below in a crop top and cut-off shorts (and a solid beard).