This Is the Most Complained-About Ad (in the UK)

It's KFC's Zinger salad emergency hotline ad

KFC's Zinger Crunch Salad

U.K. advertising watchdog the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) released their top 10 most complained-about advertisements, and while this Phones4U "Little Girl" advertisement got first place with 659 complaints in 2011, the most hated advertisement of all time is actually a KFC commercial.

Yum Restaurants released this KFC "Zinger" ad in 2005, showing call center workers singing with their mouths full while eating KFC Zinger crunch salads. There's a bit of soul singing, subtitles, and fun, until it turns out they work for an emergency help line.

The advertisement racked up 1,671 complaints total, although the ASA still allowed the commercial to air. The second most-hated commercial, an Auction World ad in 2004, was pulled because of their terrible customer service, late products, and misleading prices. In third place? Paddy Power "Blind Wanderers FC" ad from 2010, which many found offensive to blind people.

Still, KFC's 2005 advertisement beat Auction World by some 300 complaints, meaning more people hated insensitivity than misleading claims. Even more surprising? The results are compiled from 50 years worth of data, although we're sure some advertisements from the 1950s would get plenty of complaints nowadays.