Most Common Waiter Mistakes

While some of us may enjoy eating alone at a restaurant, nothing is more annoying than a reminder that it's an anomaly.

Eric Weiss, president and founder of Service Arts, spoke to Food Arts about six phrases that should never be uttered in a restaurant or hotel, and some of them are surprisingly common.

The first? "How are you guys tonight?" "Just omit the word 'guys.' What would YOU like tonight?" Food Arts writes.

Other questions involve "Are you still working on that?" which makes eating sound more like a chore, as well as "How are those scallops treating you?" which makes the dish seem almost human.

Even worse is, perhaps, the question, "Just one tonight?" "If a guest is dining alone, make that person feel good about spending the evening in your establishment," Food Arts writes.

Head on over to Food Arts for two more common mistakes, and how to fix all of these service no-nos. Just don't scold your waiter the next time this happens; you don't want to make them mad.