Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub (Syracuse, N.Y.) from The Most Authentic Irish Pubs in the US Slideshow

The Most Authentic Irish Pubs in the US Slideshow

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Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub (Syracuse, N.Y.)

Part of Coleman’s' authenticity simply comes from its neighborhood; it's located in Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill, which was settled by primarily Irish immigrants (who came from Ireland’s County Tipperary). The area's heritage is why there’s an upside-down stoplight just outside: When traffic signal lights were first installed by the city in the 1920, some Irish teenagers allegedly kept breaking the lights because they couldn’t stand that the "British red" light was above the "Irish green" light, so now the light hangs upside-down (which we imagine confuses drivers). Coleman’s feels like a little part of Ireland — the dark wood interior, family crests, and other Irish relics on the wall give way to an unforgettable Irish dinner or drink. On the menu? Traditional Irish potato soup, soda bread, corned beef cabbage, Beef O’Flaherty casserole, and other Irish staples. You can count on a pretty standard beer menu with some Irish ales like Guinness, McSorley’s, Smithwick’s, and Killian’s. (Just ignore the Bud on tap.)