Moschino RTW Spring 2014: Forget the Collection—It's All About the Show!!!


The fashion at Moschino during Milan fashion week may not have been the greatest, but wow—it was quite the show. And opening with lip-syncing and dancing models who spin around on the runway is definitely one way to get noticed. With an audience clapping in time to the beat and the music blaring, the start of the party was when the most avant-garde looks in the collection were shown.
Garbage bag ball gowns, large cow motifs and an entire head covering in teddy bears came down the runway before the music shifted into a more mellow tone and the real show began.
True to a collection of excess, models walked out in pairs (even though they didn't really seem to fit), clad in opposing black and white, creating a good girl/bad girl juxtaposition. But even the multi-chain-glitter-zipper-stripe-polka-dot-gingham (no I'm not making this up) clash of materials that came down the runway took a back seat to the models' attitudes.
While some pairs looked to be in perfect unison, happily holding hands or posing together as they hit the end of the runway; most looked like they were trying to out-walk each other—strutting harder, walking faster, or taking up enough space hoping the other would fall off. Luckily, no one did.
There's no real way to pinpoint the visual inspiration of this collection. Nor would I really want to. Set to music toting the lyircs "I am what I am, needs no excuses," I'm going to make an educated guess and say the point is to do your own thing when it comes to fashion—wear what you want and be yourself. And while I might not wear anything from the collection, that's definitely a sentiment I can get behind.
Then, just when you thought it was all over, the stage curtain opened to Gloria Gaynor belting out her hit "I am what I am," with models frigidly posing behind her before a second runway show began. It included salsa dancing with groceries (of course) and a large model air force jet balanced precariously on a model's head. And the show wouldn't be complete without a model strutting her stuff dressed as a Moschino shopping bag—this is Milan Fashion Week—it's all totally normal.