Morgan Creek Grille: Location, Location, Location, That's About It...

Location, Location, Location, That's About It...

I have to say that the Morgan Creek Grill brunch had tremendous potential. It was a gorgeous day, they are located on a beautiful, waterfront spot on Isle of Palms, SC and we were with good friends. And then, we ate there.

Our visit started a bit bumpy. We arrived at noon for brunch and were told that there was a 20 minute wait, not bad. The wait went on to 35 minutes though, and get this… there were 15 open tables.

So I of course, have to inquire. I said, “If there are 15 open tables why have we been waiting for 35 minutes.” THEN the hostess begins this wacky explanation. “It’s our service philosophy.” She said. I said, “It’s your philosophy to make people wait when they shouldn’t have to? It appears that you’re understaffed.” The servers that were on were running around like mad for a restaurant that wasn’t busy.

She then tells me that if I’d like further clarification regarding their ‘philosophy’ that I could talk to a manager. Since she had given me a ton of attitude, I decided to see what the manager would say.

I posed the same question and was met with a quick, “I have reservations for all of these tables.” “All of them?” I asked. She said “Yes”. I told her that I was glad that business was so good and that that she was still understaffed and they were in my opinion on a false wait. Just sayin’.

We were finally seated at a great table that had a tremendous water view. We then waited 10 minutes for our server to arrive and when she did she was no picnic.

We ordered a few beverages and she scampered off to get them. After quite a wait she returned with half of them. Apparently six drinks on a tray was her tipping point. We waited a bit more for the rest to arrive. It was at this time that I had ZERO confidence in our brunch being anything but just OK.

We placed our order and enjoyed the view and the company of our friends. Tick Tock… 25 minutes later our brunch arrived. Although 25 minutes doesn't sound like a long time, the restaurant was barely half full. Those “reservations” for the cast of Ben Hur never materialized.

The kid’s meals, chicken fingers and a hot dog were enjoyed, but there’s really not much you can do to mess up those meals. The Swiss and mushroom omelet with grits was a fan favorite. The cheeseburger that was explained to be cooked medium to medium well was over well done. The filet Benedict was also tasty, but way past the medium temp which was ordered. Apparently the only temperature that the broil cook can muster is well done.

And then there was my sandwich. A very dead-sat-in-the-window-too-long Reuben with cold fries. I know that I often get comments that I should speak of at the time of the issue, but I felt it would really put a damper on the meal. At certain times some things are better left unsaid.

Morgan Creek Grill still remains to be a place with incredible views, so come for that and hope for the best with food.

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