More Proof Your Life Plan Is Off: You Can Major In Beer Now

File this one under "kids these days have it so easy": Blue Ridge Community College will be offering a new two-year degree program, one that focuses on various aspects of... beer. Just in case your fine arts degree in mixed media and textiles didn't depress your parents enough, you can now tell your kid brother that his life plan should be to earn a degree in craft brewing.

The Shelby Star reports that the program will be open for registration this fall. But don't worry if you're concerned you wasted your college years too much: the courses don't actually look that fluffy — the program, which is an Associate's Degree in Applied Science, is called "Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation," and it looks like students will have to be knowledgeable in both the theory and practice of beer-making: they'll learn about the science behind the craft, and develop the ability to brew beer in a commercial facility.

In more enviable news, the school is currently seeking funding to purchase a brew house, nullifying the need for students to even walk to the bar to get their drink on. At this point, you have options: you can send hate mail to the upcoming class regarding their enviable life choices, or you could just forward this article to your mom with the subject line "Look, it could have been worse."