More Food Truck Names That Should Be Banned

With the latest roundup of the country’s best food trucks, we also discovered some of the worst names

The Love Balls Bus roams the streets of Austin, TX.

When naming a business, most people believe that the name should say it all. In the case of some food trucks, though, we sincerely hope that these names don’t.

You may have seen that we recently compiled our 2013 list of the 101 Best Food Trucks in America. We considered more than 400 trucks from across the country; some were ultimately notable for their menus or popularity, and others stayed on our radar thanks — for better or worse — to their chosen name or slogan.

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Not to say that these qualities are mutually exclusive, though; trucks with crude, unpleasant, and/or too "punny" names still made our final cut (see Slap Yo Mama) based upon our evaluation criteria of popularity, critical review, and originality. However, we can’t say that their questionable names helped to boost their ranking.

Don’t think we’re being priggish here — we get that it’s all about catching the potential customer’s attention. Also, of course, we don' actually think the names should be banned — we're all for free speech. Even still, and all in good fun, some of these names cross the line enough to end up in our slideshow.

Some of the trucks made our last roundup of contentious names (Great Balls on Tires, Truckin' Good Food), while some are deserving newcomers (Bon Me, really?). Check out the slideshow to decide for yourself.


Arthur Bovino contributed research and reporting.