More Celebs Deny Using Ghostwriters for Cookbooks

Gwyneth Paltrow announces on Twitter that she 'wrote every word'

The denials keep rolling in during the aftermath of Julia Moskin's New York Times article exposing ghostwriters behind celeb cookbooks. After Rachael Ray responded to The Daily Meal and others by denying that she used ghostwriters, Gwyneth Paltrow did the same via Twitter.

The article, says the LA Times, pointed out Paltrow's assistant, Julia Tershon, for ghostwriting My Father's Daughter. The dedication thanks Tershon specifically, but makes no mention of her in recipes. Moskin's story also said Tershon was helping the celeb with her second cookbook. Paltrow, in response, said The NYT needed to have the story fact-checked, because she "wrote every word herself."

While the celeb bigwigs in the kitchen are quick to deny ghostwriters, some ask whether it even matters. In a Mother Nature blog post, Robin Shreeves asked if anyone was even surprised by the ghostwriter revelation. She writes: "I want the cookbooks on my shelf to be well-tested. If that means the person whose name is on the cover didn't do all the work himself (or herself), I understand that and I don't care."