Monster Beverages Postpones Pink Drink Launch ‘For Now’


Monster Beverages announced that it will postpone its plans for a female-oriented energy drink that was scheduled to launch in 2013.

With many products, like razors, pens, and even guns going “pink” to market to women, Monster Beverages announced that it will not go forward with its plans for its “Ultra Pink” energy drink.

The beverage, which was featured in Monster’s December 2012 presentation, was a zero-calorie, zero-sugar energy drink and similar to its newest product, “Ultra Blue,” which also has zero calories and zero sugar.

Monster was in talks to launch its pink product in early 2013, but a spokeswoman for Monster Beverages told Beverage Daily that the company would not be going forward with the product as planned. And while industry analysts have said they feel Monster stopped the launch because of the fear of having too many low-calorie beverages, the spokeswoman for Monster declined to say whether or not that was the case.

“I’ve talked with the Monster folks…they simply have decided not to move forward with the product and there isn’t anything more to it than that,” she said to Beverage Daily.


While the reason for not shelving the Ultra Pink product remains unknown, its fate may not be lost forever. Monster CEO Rodney Sacks was quoted as saying that the launch was postponed “for now.”