Monsanto Drops European Union

European Union Green Peace took a victory yesterday as Monsanto dropped their request to grow new genetically modified crops in Europe and decided to focus on approval for countries to allow genetically modified crops through their doors. Mark Breddy, a spokesman for Green Peace, referred to the announcement as "great news for science and research" reported the Associated Press.

Monsanto announced that they were withdrawing all pending requests for genetically modified growth approval in the European Union. Though Monsanto does have a variation of maize approved for growth in Europe, many countries including German, France, and Italy have nationally refused the importation of these crops. The countries refuse it because they fear that it will harm biodiversity, and general environmental health.

Though Europe as a whole is one of the biggest buyers of biotech grain, buying more than 30 million tons and using it for livestock feed, they pose many obstacles for companies, like Monsanto, to import crops for consumption in the European Union, postponing the act of addressing requests for months, and sometimes even years.