Monday Night Brewing: The Newest Craft Brewery Born Out of Bible Study

The Newest Craft Brewery Born Out of Bible Study

The newest craft brewery to open in Atlanta, Monday Night Brewing, was in fact born out of a church bible study. But before the sloshed-in-church jokes commence, it's clear that the ties between brewers Jonathan Baker, Jeff Heck and Joel Iverson go beyond beer. The team began homebrewing recipes in Heck's garage, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We started as white collar guys, and when we’d come home on a Monday, we’d loosen our ties and brew beer,” said Baker to the AJC.

What's on tap for the newly opened brewery? A solid lineup of beer styles with funny names: the FU Manbrew, a bright, spicy Belgian-style wit; Eye Patch Ale, an IPA; Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, a Scotch ale with a little bit of smoke. In the works for the Monday Night brewers, soon there will be a double IPA, a barley wine, a stout, and a pumpkin ale to add the the list. Now, the Monday Night Brewing will host tastings and tours of their new space every (you guessed it) Monday nights at 670 Trabert Ave NW.