Moms Unite: Pizza Waitress Leaves Supportive Note For Breast-Feeding Customer

A woman who was breast-feeding her 1-year-old at an Iowa pizza restaurant was surprised and overwhelmed when her husband received the dinner receipt from her waitress. The receipt read, "I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breast-feeding!!"

Jackie Johnson-Smith was celebrating her 33rd birthday with her husband and three children at a pizza restaurant, Fong's Pizza, in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, when her youngest child started to fuss.

Though aware of the largely negative social attitude toward breast-feeding in public, she was eager to quiet her son in the busy restaurant; Johnson-Smith put on a breast-feeding cover and began to nurse him.

Johnson-Smith told local news KKCI that she saw her waitress notice her breast-feeding. "And with my societal fears of being ostracized because of it, I instantly felt panicked. Like, 'What is she thinking? Is she not wanting me to do it here?'"

But the waitress, Bodi Kinney, had the opposite reaction. "I noticed Johnson-Smith nursing and was so thrilled she did it," she told Yahoo Shine, and decided to pay for one of the family's pizzas. Kinney, also a mother, said, "I wanted to let this woman know in some shape or form, that she was doing the right thing."

Johnson-Smith shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook and it has since gone viral.