Momofuku Milk Bar Publishing Second Cookbook And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Momofuku's Milk Bar Life: Christina Tosi is authoring another cookbook for Momofuku Milk Bar, this time called Milk Bar Life, with both sweet and savory dishes from work and home. Expect "more puppies, grandmas, and babies." We're down. [Eater]

Michael Pollan's New Book: The food writer's seventh book attacks celebrity chefs, food TV, and processed food. He does, however, go Proustian on cooking and baking bread. [NY Times]

Pricey Wine Society: Here is a pricey $50,000 per year, $8,000 per month wine club, where you can bring your personal chef to prepare food for your wine pairings. Um, what? [Grub Street]

Ticket System Expands: Next's pre-bought ticket system is heading to Los Angeles, where Trois Mec is asking diners to pre-pay for their meals as well. [LA Times]

McDonald's for Sex: In another atrocious fast-food/sex story, a man in Albuquerque, N.M., allegedly bought a woman McDonald's in exchange for sex. [UPI]