Molson Coors’ Cider Hits the Shelves

Molson Coors enters the cider industry with Molson Canadian Cider

Molson Coors Logo

For the first time since 1786, Molson Coors Brewing Company is releasing a non-beer product. Molson Canadian Cider, at 5 percent alcohol by volume is a drink infused with high quality Canadian apples.

With brands like Blue Moon, Miller High Life, and Coors Light, the innovative Canadian brewing company is expanding, and entering into a booming cider economy. Sales of hard cider have tripled since 2007, marking cider's first comeback since the 1800s. And beer companies everywhere are taking this into account. Carlsberg and Heineken have each put a cider out on the market.  


Why the popularity? Many believe cider doesn’t scream masculinity in the way beer does; it is more gender-neutral. Cider also has the potential to vary in flavors; it can come in a variety, from fruity, to sweet, to dry. Consumers appreciate the wide selection. Now the question is: which cider producer will achieve status as the top-selling cider?