Modernist Cuisine's Second Book On Presale

Sure, the first set of Modernist Cuisine books brought in some $20 million to Nathan Myhrvold and company, but the team is already hyping up their second book titled Modernist Cuisine at Home.

According to the web site, the second Modernist Cuisine book is 456 pages long, and "destined to set a new standard for home cookbooks." This means almost 400 new recipes, plus a Kitchen Manual, a waterproof 230-page portable Myhrvold bible so you can take it wherever you cook.

Content wise, it seems like the book focuses on everyday basics that people can actually make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with recipes divided by cuts of meat and comfort dishes (chicken wings, carnitas, chicken noodle soup, mac and cheese). And although most of these recipes are new, "you will, however, find a few Modernist Cuisine dishes that have been adapted for home cooks."

There won't be any need to hit up a chemistry lab for equipment, though. "Some recipes do call for specialized equipment, but none require anything that you can't find at a cooking store." Whew.

Modernist Cuisine at Home is on presale for $115, and will hit stores Oct. 8, 2012. Check out some shots from the book below.