The Modernist Cuisine Team’s Red-Wine Glaze

As summer slowly starts to trickle in, this is the perfect glaze to enjoy during the last bits of cold weather

A red-wine glaze is a standard sauce and a favorite of many chefs, but the classical technique for preparing it is both lengthy and labor-intensive. We retooled it, using a pressure cooker, to get great results much faster.

When we say "neutral oil," we mean a refined one so that it won’t impart any flavor on the beef. For red wine, try a syrah, a zinfandel, or another strong, fruity red wine with a low tannin content. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just flavorful.

A great application for this sauce is our 72-Hour Braised Short Ribs, but it also goes great with other meats such as pastrami. The glaze will keep for five days when refrigerated and up to six months frozen.

Click here to see the Red Wine Glaze Recipe

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Sam Fahey-Burke, Research and Development Chef of The Modernist CuisineTeam