Mixologist Tony Conigliaro & Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition Look To The Future Of Cocktails

For mixologists and bartenders, it's no longer enough to be good — you have to be great. You can't just whip up a Whiskey Sour or martini and expect praise nowadays. With countless experts creating new cocktails every day, a new breed of bartender has come forth, one that isn't content to simply give out the standards. Everyone wants to create a drink to put their business on the map, and now bartenders worldwide are being given the chance to prove they're the best — but only one will come out on top at this year's Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition. Twenty six of the best mixologists are gearing up to travel to London to compete in the Global Final on November 7, with the winner getting an all-expenses paid trip to Japan in 2014 to learn about the country's bartending culture and the teas that are necessary to Beefeater's taste profile.

Judge and renowned mixologist Tony Conigliaro has quite a lot to say about the future of cocktails and shared some tips about his own process when it comes to making drinks. "My specialty is to look at the structure of how different things are made and then bring about that same technical approach to the art of making drinks. For example, how you can deconstruct perfume, breaking down how it is made and then apply that same expertise to drink?"