Miu Miu RTW Spring 2014: Why We Suddenly Want To Dress Like Dolls


Now this is the Miuccuia Prada that we wanted to see. The Miu Miu Spring 2014 collection shown yesterday during Paris Fashion Week was made of sugar, spice, everything nice and a little mod-ish sixties. With a girly attitude and some artsy flair, the collection looks made to wear. A perfectly styled blend of separates guarantees something for every taste and rocking this collection head to toe would just look so darn cute.
Outfits were styled quite boldly, some in matching soft pastels, but most were a mix of colors—bright oranges with lavender, mint green and navy blue or baby pink with a brilliant red. They were combined in ways you wouldn't imagine would work well together, but the mash-up was fantastic.
The combination of textures blended seamlessly into a full look; leather skirts, knit tights and silk shirts were worn as one coherent outfit instead of pieces that needed be pulled and picked at to be deemed wearable. While it may take some of the most fashion-forward mavens to pull a few of these looks off, it something that we'll definitely want to try.
Playing with soft colors, patent mary-janes and sweet shapes the collection is very childlike, and almost adorable at times. Certain accents give the line a look of innocence—everything is fully covered, big round buttons and pockets adorn the overcoats, and thick colorful tights are paired with lace up boots. The models looked like dolls coming down the runway.
The mod designs are well executed, allowing for contemporary prints and colors to be paired with vintage shapes without looking too heavy. Overall, the blend works amazingly well and was styled perfectly on the runway allowing for it to be seen as a true collection—and one that we'll want to snatch up come next spring.