"Mity Nice" Comfort Food In A Surprisingly Comfortable Setting

If you work up an appetite while shopping at Chicago's Water Tower Place, you're in luck. Not only are you fortunate to be at a mall with Foodlife, one of the best food courts in the country, but you've also got some opportunities for respectable sit-down dining. One of those options is Mity Nice Grill, and although the name sounds kind of cheesy, it describes the restaurant pretty accurately.

The restaurant is removed from the chaos of the mall, hidden behind Foodlife so diners can enjoy a somewhat relaxed atmosphere despite the crowded surroundings. You'd expect the place to be filled entirely with weary shoppers and tourists, and while it has its fair share of them, other patrons venture into the depths of the mall just to pay Mity Nice a visit.

Mity Nice's motto is "Good Food. Served Right," and like its name, its slogan also seems to be fitting. The food, which stays on the safe side of New American, consists of all of the classics you'd expect, from burgers to macaroni and cheese. Certain touches, such as the barbecue-glaze on the turkey meatloaf, the pickled fennel on the halibut sandwich, and dressed up burgers, keep the food from being less than "good."

No matter what you order, the best part of your meal is likely to be at the beginning. The restaurant's signature cheesy popovers are light, airy, and everything a cheesy popover should be. While there are some delicious main courses like the aforementioned grilled halibut sandwich, and near-perfect sweet potato fries, the best thing at Mity Nice Grill is the popovers.

If you're craving comfort food in an equally as comfortable setting, Mity Nice Grill fits the bill. Particularly for those who need a sit-down dinner after a long day of sightseeing, and you want to be sure you get a decent meal without overspending, the restaurant is the perfect solution. That said, save for the cheese popovers, it's hard to understand exactly why people would visit Water Tower Place just for a good not great meal at Mity Nice Grill.