Michelin-Listed Ramen Restaurant Teams Up with Mister Donut

Mister Donut adds cold noodles from the Soranoiro ramen restaurant

Mister Donut has teamed up with Bib Gourmand ramen restaurant Soranoiro for two new cold noodle dishes for summer.

Brooklyn already has spaghetti doughnuts, but Japan’s enormously popular Mister Donut chain has teamed up with a Michelin-listed ramen restaurant to add some noodles to its own menu offerings.

According to Rocket News 24, Mister Donut has teamed up with the Soranoiro ramen restaurant, which earned “Bib Gourmand” status in the latest Tokyo Michelin Guide. Bib Gourmand listings indicate top-quality meals under $44, and it’s a mark of high esteem.


On April 26, select Mister Donut stores in Japan will begin serving two cold noodle dishes by Soranoiro. Both are called “Veggie Cool Breeze Noodles” and both feature flat, chewy noodles kneaded with paprika to make them brightly colored. One version comes in a sweet, carrot-based soup with five different kinds of vegetables and a bit of spicy yuzukoshō paste, which is made from chili peppers, yuzu peel, and salt. The second dish sees the same noodles served topped with chopped, semi-dried tomatoes with a tomato and soy milk dipping sauce. Both are served cold, and they will be in stores through the summer and will disappear again at the end of August.