Man Allegedly Stabs Parents Over Fast Food Order

Police say a man attacked his parents for ordering food and not getting him any


A Mississippi man allegedly stabbed both his parents last week because they ordered fast food and didn't get him anything.

A man in Louisiana reportedly snapped last week and attacked his parents, and police say that what set him off was finding out they had ordered fast food and not brought him any.

According to Fox News, 32-year-old Ronald Pritchett attacked both his parents with a knife late on Wednesday, killing his father and injuring his mother. Police say that the altercation took place because Pritchett was angry about having been left out of his parents’ fast food order.

"They ordered food from a fast food restaurant and didn't include him," said sheriff spokesperson John Fortunato.

When Pritchett saw that his parents had ordered food and not brought him anything, he was furious and reportedly grabbed a knife and attacked them both. Pritchett’s father died of his wounds, but his mother survived.

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Pritchett reportedly fled after the attack to a relative’s home in Mississippi, but police found him shortly. He has since been charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.