Mission Chinese's Ma Po Tofu and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, how to burn dinner properly, plus more blueberry recipes
This Week's Recipes

Photo Modified: Flickr/RolandTanglao

Mission Chinese released their ma po tofu recipe.

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NY Mag
Artichokes may be a huge hassle, but baby artichokes can be eaten raw in a fresh salad.

LA Times
You can never go wrong with halibut and fresh tomatoes.

NY Times
There's something particularly satisfying about the burnt crisp of grilled meat, and this grilled pork and peaches recipe sounds like the perfect solution.

SF Chronicle
Mission Chinese spills its infamously spicy ma po tofu recipe. Get the milk ready.

Try out this super simple Mozambique Shrimp recipe with tomato rice for an instant crowd-pleaser.

Chicago Tribune
Chicken potpies will never go out of style, even in the sweltering heat.

Kitchen Daily
Pour some orange juice and help yourself to a healthy omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes.

Washington Post
Meatless Monday idea: roasted tomatoes stuffed with egg and cheese on toast.

Wall Street Journal
Keep eating summer blueberries in the fall with this small batch blueberry preserve recipe.


(Photo Modified: Flickr/RolandTanglao)