Missing Women Survive 2 Weeks on Girl Scout Cookies

Two sisters stranded in the snow survived nearly 2 weeks on cookies
Wikimedia/Steven Khor

Two sisters stranded in the snow for two weeks survived on boxes of Girl Scout cookies. 

Two sisters rescued this week after being trapped in the snow in rural Michigan say they owe their survival to a lucky store of Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs.

According to the New York Post, sisters Leslie Roy and Lee Marie Wright were traveling through Michigan in a red Ford Explorer when their SUV got stuck in the snow and wouldn’t budge. They were trapped on a small, little-used road that they thought had been plowed. There was no cell phone service, and the car eventually ran out of power. Luckily for the sisters, the back of the Ford was full of eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies and a bag of cheese puffs.

While living on nothing but sleeves of Girl Scout cookies does not sound all that bad on paper, it was a harrowing experience for the sisters. They were trapped in the snow for two weeks in the powerless car, drinking snow for water. They heard noises that they thought were rescuers, but when no people showed up, they thought maybe they were bears.

In the end, a police helicopter spotted the car in the snow and the women were rescued Friday. They were taken to the hospital, but were said to be in relatively good health, thanks in large part to all the cookies.

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