Mind-Blowing Pumpkin Dishes

A collection of creative and outrageous pumpkin-centric plates

There are few foods more seasonally representative than pumpkin — as soon as there is a crisp in the air and September rolls around, shops, restaurants, and bars start stocking up on pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin ales, and pumpkin pastries (donuts, pies, and the like).

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But there is more to this versatile squash than ravioli with sage-brown butter and pumpkin spice bread. Culinary professionals across the country are serving up dishes that feature pumpkin in new and unusual ways.

Chefs are turning pumpkin into a cream sauce used to top cherry-infused venison sausage (at Hot Doug’s in Chicago) and featuring it in a heart-warming massaman curry (at Pranna in New York City) — the season for pumpkin is filled with intriguing dining options.

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