Mill Street Beer Hall Adds Distilling, Too

Introducing German-style schnapps to the brewery

The new distillery in the Mill Street Beer Hall.

The new Mill Street Beer Hall in the Distillery District in Toronto has already earned its due share of attention. On top of locally made beers in the historic district, food from Chef Elisabeth Rivasplata of Top Chef Canada, the brewery/ brew pub will also start serving its own handmade "beer schnapps." 

Beer schnapps, you ask? BlogTO explains that it's "a clear spirit grade liquor (with an alcohol content of 45 percent to 55 percent) that retains the floral notes and flavours of hops and will be served in tiny, chilled frosted steins." So while you think the scnapps might work in a cocktail, Miller Street Beer Hall says it will serve them as a shot with a beer chaser, much as it's served in Germany. It will be the first time time the Distillery District will be distilling again in more than two decades. Explains the Toronto Star, "During the second distillation, more of each schnapps’s theme ingredient will be added — coffee, raspberry and Cascade hops for the Coffee Porter, and Frambozen and Tankhouse based schnapps, respectively." All around, it's an exciting day for the Distilling District and German beer lovers in Toronto.