Mill Puppies Arrive At Long Island Shelter To Be Prepped For Adoption

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Dozens of puppies rescued from mills arrived on Long Island on Friday night and will soon be available for adoption.

As TV 10/55 Long Island Bureau Chief Richard Rose reported, after a six-day journey through the Midwest, a North Shore Animal League America van backed up to the Port Washington shelter, where volunteers and staff eagerly awaited the dogs' arrival.

Inside the van, 80 small-breed puppies were just as eager to get out of their cages after their long trip, which volunteers tried to make as comfortable as possible.

"They got two meals a day, a lot of love," van driver Ted Moriates said. "They enjoyed the air condition ... and they got cookies, too."

Affection and attention is what the puppies need most. Some shivered or backed into their cages at the shelter after being bred in mill-like conditions.

"They live in wire cages their whole lives," said Lindsey Calabrese of North Shore Animal League America. "They have rare human touch. They've never really felt grass under their feet. And they're just not ever seen medically."

Over the next several days, all of the puppies will be closely examined for ailments and given a thorough grooming.

Shelter managers have a 70-year track record placing pets in loving homes, and there is already interest in the new arrivals.

"We've had a lot of responses on our Facebook post of people who are interested, so as soon as they go up for adoption we're hoping to have a line here," Calabrese said.

The dogs will be ready for adoption Wednesday.

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