Milkshakes Brighten Up Max Page's Recovery

Volkswagen's little Darth Vader recovers from open-heart surgery with vanilla milkshakes and his loving family

The force is definitely strong with this one. Max Page, the little boy adored for his role in Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad, has recently undergone open-heart surgery. Following the successful procedure, Page plans to spend his summer relaxing and recovering.

In order to help their son enjoy his summer cooped up indoors, Page’s parents have transformed their home into some sort of amusement park — the garage filled with arts and crafts, the dining room loaded with Legos and building blocks, and the living room packed with stuffed animals.

What else is helping Page get through all of this? Vanilla milkshakes

He told E! News, "I had [a milkshake] when I got home. It was vanilla, my favorite. It was so good."

Perfect timing considering that today is National Vanilla Milkshake Day!

Hopefully friends and family will continue to supply him with milkshakes, since these frozen treats are giving him such happiness. His motto is "a milkshake a day keeps the tears away."

Here’s hoping he slurps his way to a happy and healthy recovery!

And just in case you forgot how cute this little guy is: