Milk Prices Expected to Double by January

If the expired Farm Bill isn't renewed, prices could reach up to $6 per gallon

While allergy-free cow's milk may be in the far future, it looks like expensive milk is in the immediate future: If the Farm Bill isn't renewed by the end of the year, the price of milk could double. 

Senator Charles Schumer of New York took to the supermarkets to cry for lawmakers to act, the Associated Press reports. The 2008 Farm Bill expired officially yesterday. "They say you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, but it seems perfectly reasonable to cry over a 100 percent increase in the price," Schumer told reporters yesterday after a press conference. (Great pun, too.) "This is an entirely avoidable and unnecessary burden on families, and it could be easily addressed," he continued. "All the leaders of the House of Representatives have to do is put the bipartisan Senate Farm Bill on the floor for a vote. It will pass, and we can avoid this problem all together." (Apparently, Schumer is a big fan of cold cereal and milk — so this is a personal and political problem.) 

So what does this mean for your supermarket trip? The price of a gallon of milk could climb up to $6. The price of milk has continued to increase over the past year, the New York Daily News reported last year, and the drought from this past summer isn't helping matters. If only you could stockpile milk for the future. 


The Farm Bill has passed the Senate but has been stalled in the House of Representatives.